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Nik has worked internationally as a composer, performer, and educator within live music and theatre settings since 2005 at some of the biggest events and venues in the world; including the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival, and Shakespeare’s Globe. He is a highly versatile drummer and percussionist, comfortable working in a wide variety of styles and settings.

Dongle // The Baghdaddies



Nik began studying percussion in 1993 with the 100 Drummers community project in North Shields, UK. He initially studied Japanese Taiko drumming, before quickly moving on to Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion with DrumDin when he was 6 years old.

Discovering a passion for percussion instruments from around the world, Nik began to study instruments and techniques from various cultures; Indian tabla and dhol drums, Indonesian gamelan, Iranian santoor, Spanish flamenco, classical tuned percussion, drum kit, and the drums found in the music of his Greek heritage. This gifted him a unique approach to music and a versatility that is evident in his work as a performer and composer.

Nik decided to become a musician at a young age, thanks to the incredible musicians that shared their time and knowledge with him - Brendan Murphy, Keith Morris, Claudio Kron, Inner Sense, and Mestre Mario Pam of Bloco Afro Ilê Aiyê, among many others.

He is extremely grateful to all of the musicians he has studied with throughout his life and is determined to pay their generosity forward, offering opportunities to the next generation of artists through his community music projects and street theatre company.

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