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Nik has worked internationally as a composer, performer, and educator within live music and theatre settings since 2005 at some of the biggest events and venues in the world; including the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival, and Shakespeare’s Globe. He is a highly versatile drummer and percussionist, comfortable working in a wide variety of styles and settings.

Dongle // The Baghdaddies


Nik began studying percussion in 1993 with the 100 Drummers community project in North Shields, UK. He initially studied Japanese Taiko drumming, before quickly moving on to Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion with DrumDin when he was 6 years old.

Discovering a passion for percussion instruments from around the world, Nik began to study instruments and techniques from various cultures; Indian tabla and dhol drums, Indonesian gamelan, Iranian santoor, Spanish Flamenco, classical tuned percussion, drum kit, and the drums found in the music of his Greek heritage. This gifted him a unique approach to music and a versatility that is evident in his work as a performer and composer.

Nik decided to become a musician at a young age, thanks to the incredible musicians that shared their time and knowledge with him - Brendan Murphy, Keith Morris, Claudio Kron, Inner Sense, and Mestre Mario Pam of Bloco Afro Ilê Aiyê, among many others.

Public Performances

11 May

Baghdaddies - Weird and Wonderful Wood Festival

25 May

DrumDin - Whitley Bay Carnival

25 May

Samba Reggae All-Stars - Whitley Bay Carnival Ball

26 May

Ipadé Ilú - Whitley Bay Carnival

26 May

Bellavana - Whitley Bay Carnival

22 June

Baghdaddies - Dry Beck Farm

27 July

Baghdaddies - Wild on the Wall Festival

17 August

Baghdaddies - Rivendell Folk Festival

23 August

Baghdaddies - Solfest

16 November

Baghdaddies - Sub Rooms, Stroud

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Drums & Percussion

Musical Director

Artistic Director

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Frolic Acid

Drums & Percussion

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