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The openness and sharing of knowledge is one of my favourite things about the musical community. With that in mind I've tried to collate some of my ideas and experience of different aspects of percussion here. It's mostly focussed on Afro-Brazilian music, because that's where the majority of my in-depth experience lies, but there are a few other interesting things I've included from my work in other areas.


The information here is a combination of rhythms and techniques I've learned over the years from various sources, and my own interpretations and extensions of those ideas. These pages are meant simply to offer my perspective rather than any overarching 'truth' so don't be afraid to take these ideas and develop them in your own way. If you decide you'd like to publish any of this elsewhere please keep it free to access, I'd also appreciate you letting me know and crediting me where appropriate.

If you'd like to study with me get in touch! I do offer 1-1 lessons on certain instruments, online or in person at my studio in Newcastle, UK. Or alternatively you could join one of the Afro-Brazilian percussion groups I work with, you can find their info on the Education page.

There are loads of other great resources available in various areas of world percussion. I'll list a few that I've found particularly useful but I'm sure there are many more out there

  • Pete lockett's website is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in Indian percussion and/or drum kit.

  • Jon Hardeman's website has a beautiful and detailed description of his experiences in Salvador da Bahia and Candomblé. His YouTube is also one of the best resources I've seen if you're interested in the learning more about the music of Candomblé.

  • Arcomusical have some excellent berimbau resources on their website. Including performances and instructional videos

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